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The complex is located at:

999 N. Pacific Street Oceanside, CA 92054

North Coast Village contains 550 condos and is made up of an inner ring of tower buildings and an outer ring of cottage buildings. The properties in the tower buildings are numbered in the 100s, 200s, and 300s, depending upon the entry floor of the unit. The cottage buildings are two stories high, and they are numbered under 100. The odd-numbered units are on the first floor of the cottages and the even- numbered on the second floor. Every unit starts with a letter that designates the area of the complex, from A through G. Please see the attached map to view the location of your unit.

Checking In at North Coast Village

All properties at North Coast Village have a 3:00 pm check-in time.

Check-ins are handled by the North Coast Village (NCV) Home Owners Association (HOA) staff and/or the NCV Patrol staff.

Where to Park While Checking In

When you arrive at NCV, you will observe a small parking lot on the west side of the street located just north of the intersection of Pacific Street and Breakwater Way. The lot is marked “Pelican Place.” (This should not be confused with the municipal parking lot across the street.) This small parking lot contains approximately 20 parking spaces that are posted as 30-minute or permit parking only. Guests are allowed to use these spaces for check-in and a permit is not required for doing so.

After You Park

After you park, please proceed to the NCV Patrol Office at the north end of the parking lot. It is screened with trees and a waterfall and is not visible from the parking lot, but it is behind the NCV sign. The Patrol staff will either check you in or direct you to the HOA office inside the complex, where you will be given:

~ a parking pass for your underground reserved parking space(s);

~ 2 sets of keys with explanations for each key; and
~ a map of the complex and its parking garages.

24/7 Check-Ins

You may check in at 3:00 pm or any time thereafter. If you arrive after 4:30 pm or on Sunday, the check- in will be handled by the Patrol staff. The Patrol office is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (If they leave their post to patrol the complex, there will be a cell phone number on the office window that you may call to let them know you have arrived.)

Summer Saturdays

Please note that during summer “peak” check-in times, the HOA and/or Patrol staff may be outside the complex near the “Pelican Place” parking lot and direct you differently.

Vehicle Size Limitations

The parking garages accommodate vehicles up to 6.5 feet in height and 21 feet in length.

What to Expect When You Arrive in Your Rental Unit

There will be a sign in the unit showing the internet password.

All bedding and bath linens are provided, as well as beach towels, so no need to pack those. We also provide beach chairs and a cooler. You will need to bring your own boogie boards or you can purchase them at several stores at the Oceanside Harbor, which is within walking distance.

We also provide you with a starter set of paper products (paper towels in the kitchen and toilet tissue in each bathroom). In addition, we provide cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink and a hair dryer in each bathroom. We do not provide any consumable items (such as ketchup, mayo, etc.), so please bring what you’ll need or plan to shop for them when you pick up your groceries.

Prior to your arrival, your refrigerator will have been emptied and cleaned. Please allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to return to the current temperature after you fill it with groceries. We would recommend that you place a few containers of warm beverages in the refrigerator at a time. When guests arrive and fill the refrigerator with many warm water bottles, soda cans, and other beverages all at once, it can take the full 24 hours for the refrigerator to return to its normal cold temperature.

Towel Service Available

Laundry facilities are available for you in the complex (see attached map). However, if you would like us to pick up your used towels during your stay and drop off a “Bundle” of fresh towels and paper products, please call our office at (877) 668-1111 or email us at [email protected].

The cost for this service is $40. A 1 bedroom “Bundle” Includes:

6 bath towels & 4 pool/ beach towels
6 hand towels & 6 wash cloths
2 dish cloths & 2 dish towels

1 roll of kitchen paper towels 3 rolls of toilet tissue
3 bars of soap

The cost for this service is $50. A 2 bedroom “Bundle” Includes:

8 bath towels & 6 pool/ beach towels
8 hand towels & 8 wash cloths
2 dish cloths & 2 dish towels

1 roll of kitchen paper towels 4 rolls of toilet tissue
5 bars of soap

The cost for this service is $60. A 3 bedroom “Bundle” Includes:

10 bath towels & 8 pool/ beach towels
10 hand towels & 10 wash cloths
2 dish cloths & 2 dish towels

1 roll of kitchen paper towels 6 rolls of toilet tissue
5 bars of soap

A Note About Ants

Ants are a common occurrence in beach-front condominums in San Diego. While there is periodic pest control in the unit and the complex, ants do sometimes appear in the units, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms. We recommend that you store food and drink either in the refrigerator or in tightly sealed containers. We also recommend you take trash and recycling out of the unit regularly. If you are seeing excessive ants, please contact us at (877) 668-1111 and a member of our team will come and assess whether additional steps need to be taken during your stay.

Plumbing Concerns

Should you encounter any issues such as slow drains, please call us at (877) 668-1111 and we will report this to the HOA. The complex has drains that are interconnected between many units, so when there is a problem in one condo, the water must be shut off to all condos in that area to address it. The HOA attempts to keep these water shut-offs limited to 3 hours and they place a notice in the hallway the night before. Please help us keep these to a minimum by using trash receptacles when at all possible for items such as food scraps, and also remember that just because something says it’s flushable, does not mean it should be flushed.

Checking Out

Check-out time is 10:00 am. Our staff will arrive at that time or shortly thereafter to begin the process of preparing the property for the next guest.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would assist us by caring for the following before you leave:

RETURN THE KEYS to the Home Owners Association office. There is a $55.00 fine for each set of keys not returned. Keys may be placed in the drop box located to the right side of the entrance door to the HOA Office.

Load soiled dishes into the dishwasher and start the dishwasher.

Discard all perishable food and empty the trash.

Leave the bedding on the beds.

Leave soiled towels in the laundry baskets or in the tub/shower. (Please do not leave damp or wet towels on the bed or with the bedding.)

Make sure all windows and doors are secured and all appliances, the fireplace, heaters and/or fans (including bathroom exhaust fans) are turned off.

Our housekeeping staff will start the cleaning promptly at 10:00 am to have the property prepared for the next guest’s arrival. Therefore, any delayed departures after 10:00 am will be billed at an hourly rate.


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